It is common knowledge within the lighting industry that Korea is the Asian leader in the manufacture of lighting.  This is why most of the multinational billion dollar lighting companies produce there.  Beware of competitors products which are made in China or Taiwan.  The quality of these goods cannot compete with Korean manufactured lighting. 

In our quest to find the best quality bulbs, with the longest lifetime, best reliability, lowest defect-rates, and consistent color quality, we too decided to produce our XenoFlo products at an ISO certified factory in Korea.   Our cost on these bulbs is more than double the cost of similar kits from China, yet,
during our special offer, you can get high quality Korean XenoFlo bulbs, for the same price (or less) than our competitors sell their Chinese brand bulbs for.


Change the color the light output of your OEM HID bulbs with these XenoFlo HID bulb replacements. These bulbs are NOT halogen "HID Look Alike" bulbs, they are REAL HID BULBS - only to be used to upgrade your OEM HID bulbs.

All OEM HID equipped cars with bulbs which produce a 4300k color temperature. These 4300k bulbs emit a mostly white, but slightly yellow glow. Bulbs with a 5000k color temperature will illuminate pure white color light. Bulbs with a 6000k color temperature will illuminate a mostly white, but slightly purple light. Bulbs with an 8000k color temperature will illuminate a mostly white, but slightly blue / cyan light.

There are two HID bulbs that OEM manufacturers use, D2S and D2R bulbs. The bulbs we sell are D2C bulbs, which fit either D2S or D2R sockets, so you can order Xenoflo bulbs in confidence, knowing they will fit your vehicle.

Regardless of which HID upgrade you choose, your vehicle will be bound to stand out from the crowd, and the pleasant colors emitted by these replacement bulbs will be visible every time you drive.

Upgrading from 4300k bulbs to 8000k bulbs has been compared to the difference between upgrading your lights from Halogen to HID -- that is how dramatic the color change is.

HID XENON lamps are designed to last for the life of your vehicle. They will run for over 2000 hours. Our bulbs are made of the finest materials available. Should you experience a manufacturer-defect related problem with your bulbs any time within one year, we will gladly provide you with an exchange. This warranty does not cover, modification, misuse, improper installation or mishandling.


Did your vehicle not come with HID from the factory?

Do you want a perfect match for your fog lights, while making them extra-bright?

You need a HID retrofit kit from Xenoflo.

Our HID retrofit kits are top quality kits that will replace any standard (9006/HB4, H7, H1 or H11) light bulb in ANY vehicle with a REAL HID bulb. These may be used to either upgrade your fog lights to HID or to upgrade your halogen headlights to HID.

Unlike our Xenesis product (available at, which are halogen bulbs tinted to appear closer to HID, this HID retrofit kit is a pure xenon bulb. It uses the same technology as the ones that would have come stock in your vehicle had you ordered the option from the factory.

This retrofit kit is available in three illumination colors, and in 5000k, 6000k, and 8000k xenon colors to match your upgraded OEM HID bulbs (Xenoflo bulbs to the left) or to give you a unique color when upgrading your headlights.

In general: (see note below)
5000k bulbs - Emit Pure white light
6000k bulbs - Emit a purpleish light
8000k bulbs - Emit a light blue colored light

Installation of this product is quite easy, and very detailed installation instructions are provided. This kit comes with all the miscellaneous hardware & accessories that you will require for installation as well.

Note: All bulbs of a certain color temperature emit the same color light, but due to the characteristics of the light housing where bulbs are installed and whether or not the housing has a projector, the color temperature may appear skewed, making it look more white, more blue, or more purple.

Note: These bulbs may fit many other makes of vehicles. Before purchasing these bulbs, however, please ensure that your vehicle takes bulbs that are known as D2S bulbs. Another popular alternative is D2R bulbs used by many manufacturers. These D2S bulbs will NOT fit any vehicle that is made to accept D2R bulbs.

Note: Before installation, DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS PART OF THE BULB. If this occurs, the lifetime of the bulb will be shortened significantly, and your warranty will be voided. For this reason, we are not able to accept returns on any HID bulb which has had its packaging opened.

Note: Many people are incorrect in thinking that the higher the color temperature the brighter the lamp. The color temperature (measured in K = kelvin) is purely a scale to measure the color of the light output. It is a reference purely for color and could equally be called White, Purple or Blue. The reality is the higher up the scale the lamps are the less bright they become. 6000K lamps are approx 7% brighter (measured in Lumens, not degrees K) than the 8000K. This is why we have chosen not to carry any lighting solutions over 8000k, such as 10,000k or 12,000k.

Note: It is the purchasers responsibility to check with local laws to ensure that the color / brightness / installation method of bulb that they are purchasing is legal in their area. It is also the purchasers responsibility to ensure that lights are installed in light housings as required by local laws. Sales to areas where road-use of the products purchased is prohibited, these products are sold for off-road / show use only.


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